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Game Highlights



Enter the open world MetaGameSpace Gaming Metaverse and feel the rush


Play Genesys and experience our tech and graphics that makes the Metaverse unique.



Play Our smartly developed P2E game, Genesys to earn BNB



Enter challenge zones in the metaverse to combat with the Artillery you purchased

Meet Our Team
the “Meta Devs”


Dereck Bissen

Marketing Guru

Ben Gaqvist

Creative Madness

Gösta Ström

Coder Master

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and team admission requests

    It’s Time to Up Your Game!
    Download Genesys tech demo

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    NFT Marketplace is Live🚀🚀

    Head onto the Marketplace, follow the instructions and mint yours to avail an outstanding ROI on Genesys Launch.

    You will see your NFTs in action inside Genesys. They are extremely Rare and Limited.
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    Metagamespace NFT Marketplace

    A new chapter in Metaverse Gaming

    MetaGameSpace goes live on CoinMarketCap

    Get Ready for the NFT marketplace Launch in 1 Day.🚀

    Super Rare Next-Gen Graphics NFTs for mints. See them in action inside the Metaverse.

    NVIDIA up for the heat.🚀
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